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Apply for online classes & programs

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How to Apply for Distance Learning Programs and Courses

To be admitted into a Distance Learning Program (DLP) within the HGTC Distance Learning Institute (DLi) you must complete the following process:

I. Be Admitted to the College 

  1. Submit an Application
    Complete and submit the online application to the College. Note, each application must be submitted with a $30 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Begin the Financial Aid Process
    No matter how you intend to pay for tuition and fees, begin the Financial Aid application process when you apply to HGTC. Learn More about Financial Aid
  3. Submit Transcripts
    Request that your high school and/or college(s) mail an official transcript to the HGTC Admissions Office.
  4. Submit Test Scores
    New Students who are required to take the compass placement test submit scores as part of the admission process. The ACCUPLACER placement test is available for first-time college students or transfer students who have not yet had college-level English or math. You can take the ACCUPLACER test in any one of HGTC's Testing Centers.
    SAT and/or ACT scores less than 5 years old are acceptable in place of ACCUPLACER scores.
    Learn more about the ACCUPLACER Placement Test and the Testing Center.
  5. Complete any Additional Admissions Requirements
    Some academic programs have additional requirements, such as background checks and physical-ability assessments

II. Complete the Distance Learning Institute Student Survey
Upon acceptance into a Distance Learning Program, you will receive information and link to the DLi survey.

III. Complete the DLi Orientation
A part of the DLi admission requirements, you must complete an online orientation with important facts about distance learning at HGTC and more information about your program.

IV. See your DLi Advisor
With the help of your distance learning advisor, you will learn what courses you need to take and will receive help in registering for your courses.