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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions about HGTC

This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about HGTC provides brief answers to many common questions about the college.

1. What programs do you offer?
We offer more than 80 programs of study. View all programs

2. How much does Horry Georgetown Technical College cost?
See tuition rates, including fees and tuition costs for out-of-county, out-of-state, and out-of-country students.

3. When do classes start?

  • Fall Classes: We generally start advisement mid-March, with classes starting mid-August.
  • Summer Classes: We generally start advisement mid-March, with classes starting mid-May
  • Spring Classes: We generally start advisement mid-October, with classes starting mid-January.

    View the academic calendar here.

4. How do I set up a Campus tour?
Contact us at with your name and program of interest.  Click here for campus maps.

5. How do I enroll?
View step by step instructions for new students; Not a new student? View admissions requirements by student type.

6. How do I register for classes?
All students should meet with a New Student Enrollment Advisor before registering for classes. The Academic Advising staff will help you create your schedule of classes, so make sure you see an advisor as soon as you have completed the admissions process and received an acceptance letter. New Student Enrollment Advisors see students on a walk-in basis all year long, so there's no need for an appointment. However, please try to avoid the busiest time, which is right before the beginning of each semester.

To register for classes, log onto your WaveNet account.  Your WaveNet login information will be included in your acceptance letter.  If you do not have your WaveNet login information, call our IT Help Desk at (843) 349-5340.  Go to the “My Student” tab and click “Look Up Classes.”  Follow the on-screen directions.  For help registering, visit the Student Information Center - WaveNet Central on any campus.

7. How can I participate in dual enrollment/PACE courses?
Horry and Georgetown County high school students are eligible to participate in Dual Enrollment , and TAP.  Students will earn high school and college credit through these programs, as long as the student attends Horry Georgetown Technical College within two years of graduating high school.

Students should contact their high school guidance counselor about these opportunities.  More information is available here.

8. I need a copy of my HGTC transcripts, where do I go?
More information on how to request transcripts, HGTC students must visit Student Accounts to pay the official transcript copy request fee and then, visit the Registrar’s Office, located in Building 1100, Rm. 130.

9. How do I get a parking pass?
After you register for classes, print out your schedule and take it to the public safety office on any campus.  You will also need your vehicle registration.  Parking passes are free.  The public safety office on the Conway campus is off the courtyard in the 1100 building.  The public safety office on the Georgetown campus is located in the cafeteria area.  The public safety office on the Grand Strand campus is in the 300 building.

10. What student services are available?
Our Student Success and Tutoring Center offers free tutoring, college skills coaching, a Math Center and a Writing Center.  Our Career Resource Center offers mock interviews, resume development, and job searches.  Each campus has a library and a Student Information Center: WaveNet Central.  Each Student Information Center: WaveNet Central offers guidance with the financial aid process, registering for classes, and campus technology training for D2L, WaveNet, Microsoft, and more.  The OIT Help Desk can assist students with computer-related issues, WaveNet password resets, and errors.

1. How do I Add/Drop classes?
To Add/Drop classes, as long as it is within allowable dates, log into WaveNet, under the My Student tab and click the blue link in the Registration Tools box labeled Add or Drop Classes. Select the semester you are Add/Dropping a class, click submit. Find the class you wish to Add/Drop, using the drop down box, select “Web Drop” to remove the class from your courses. All dates for Add/Drop can be found on the Academic Calendar as well. Dropping a course may affect your financial aid status, so be sure to check with Financial Aid before dropping a class. Login to WaveNet

2. How do I set up an appointment with my advisor? How do I know where and who my advisor is?
To set up an appointment with your advisors you will need to either email or call your advisor to schedule an appointment. Look up your advisor by: logging into your WaveNet account, click on the my Student tab and then click on the tab that says Degree Works.  Your advisor will be listed on the main page of your Degree Works. A general list of advisors is found in WaveNet under the Home tab, under “Quick Links.” Learn more about academic advising

1. How do I set up Direct Deposit?
Read more Detailed information about refund policies, and Direct Deposit. Or log into your WaveNet account, click on the my Student tab, and click on the green boxed titled “My Direct Deposit” and then follow the directions.

2. How do I view my WaveNet email?
login to your WaveNet account, under the Home tab, you’ll find your email in the middle section labeled “Gmail Inbox.”  It can take a few extra moments to load after logging into WaveNet; please wait a few moments for your email to load. If you are not able to see your Email account or it does not load, contact OIT Helpdesk or call 843-349-5340 or visit WaveNet Central.

3. How can I get in contact with my teacher or a faculty member?
Log into your WaveNet account.  Under the Home tab, visit the “Quick Links” area and select “Faculty Office Hours,” and locate your professor’s office hours, office location and contact information or view the Faculty/Staff Directory.

4. How do I find my course in D2L/How do I navigate D2L for class?
Login to your WaveNet account and visit the Student Services tab.  Underneath the “Technology Resources” heading, you may access a D2L Webinar training as well as a D2L Guide for Students, middle-left side. The webinar provides visual guidance to supplement the overview of D2L.

I just got this parking ticket where do I go to pay for it?
Visit the student accounts office on your campus:

  • Conway Campus - Building 200 (843) 349-5310
  • Georgetown Campus - (843) 546-8406
  • Grand Strand Campus - (843) 477-2093

What do I need to borrow materials from the library?
HGTC students, faculty, administration and staff may check out library materials with their H number and a valid picture ID. Residents of Horry and Georgetown Counties are invited to apply for a library card with photo identification at any of the three campus locations. Student IDs and public library cards can be used at all three campus libraries.

Can I have materials transferred between campuses?

Yes. Patrons can order materials belonging to any of the three HGTC libraries and have the materials delivered to their home campus. Speak to a library staff member to request an item.

If HGTC Library does not have the print materials I am seeking, what is my next option?

You have three options available to you:

  1. PASCAL Delivers allows current HGTC employees and students to request books from other South Carolina colleges and universities. Search the PASCAL catalog to request materials.
  2. Our library offers an Interlibrary Loan service where patrons may borrow materials from other libraries throughout the country. You can request materials through Interlibrary Loan on the library website at, or by speaking with a library staff member.
  3. Students, faculty, and staff with an HGTC ID card and proof of their current schedule from WaveNet (students) may borrow materials from Coastal Carolina University's Kimbel Library. Anyone taking advantage of this reciprocal borrowing agreement must comply with all of Kimbel Library's policies.

Can anyone use a library computer?
All three HGTC campus libraries are equipped with computers to support academic research and related school work. Facilities at the library, including computer workstations, are available for public use. Students, faculty and staff are allotted 4 hours per day of computer use; public patrons with an HGTC library card are allotted 30 minutes per day. This time is guaranteed. Students working on class assignments may request extra time from a library staff member. Printing is available from all computers. Wireless printing is available at the Conway and Grand Strand campus libraries.

Does the library check out any electronic equipment?

Yes. Current HGTC students may check out laptops, iPads, or NOOKs. Laptops and iPads are checked out for 3 days at a time. Three types of NOOKs are available: black & white, color, and tablet versions. The black & white and color NOOKs are pre-loaded with eBook titles, while the tablets function like an iPad mini. Students checking out devices will be required to sign an agreement, display their current class schedule, and show their student ID and driver's license at the time of checkout.

How can I find the research website built specifically for my class?

The library builds special research sites for individual classes and entire degree programs. These sites are called LibGuides or Library Guides. You can access a complete listing of all LibGuides

How long can I keep library materials and are there any overdue fees?
A complete breakdown of library lending periods and overdue fees are as follows:

  • Circulating Books: 3 weeks/1 renewal $.10 per day overdue fee
  • Reference Books: library use only
  • Reserve Materials: 3 hours/library use only/no renewal $.25 per hour overdue fee
  • Magazines: library use only
  • Study Rooms: 3 hours/no renewal $.25 per hour overdue fee
  • Circulating DVDs: 21 days/1 renewal $.10 per day overdue fee
  • Popular Movies: 3 days/no renewal $.25 per day overdue fee
  • Laptops: 3 days/no renewal $10.00 per day overdue fee
  • NOOK eReaders and tablets: 3 weeks/no renewal $10.00 per day overdue fee
  • iPads: 3 days/no renewal $10.00 per day overdue fee

What does it mean when I have a library hold?
In order to borrow from HGTC Library, a patron's account must be cleared of all fines. Student account holds will be placed on every account with overdue books or $5.00 or more in fines. Students with student account holds will be blocked from receiving transcripts, viewing grades, and all borrowing privileges will be revoked. Please see a librarian at the campus nearest you to pay fines for any lost materials and processing charges. When the account is cleared of all fees, student account holds will be removed.

How can I contact the library for assistance when I am unable to visit on campus?
You have multiple ways of receiving assistance from HGTC Library. In addition to visiting any campus library, you can call the library at (843) 349-5268, text us at (843) 375-8552, Tweet us a question, e-mail us at, find us on Facebook@ hgtclibrary, or Chat Live with a librarian

Does the library offer downloadable eBooks?
Yes. We have downloadable eBooks through our Axis 360 and EBSCO eBook Collection services. Thousands of popular and academic titles are available for download via the eBooks tab on the library website. Titles can be downloaded to a NOOK, smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Does the library offer any private study areas?

Yes. Each campus library offers private study rooms that can hold anywhere from one to four people. Study rooms are checked out to students for a three hour time period with presentation of your Student ID. Additionally, the Conway campus library is equipped with a media:scape unit for group collaboration using laptops and multiple viewing screens.

1. How can I complete the Orientation process from home?
Students first log into their WaveNet account. Under the Home and Student Services tab scroll down and on the left side will be a blue link titled OCEANS for the New Student Online Orientation.

2. How do I register for classes?
Detailed instructions can be found in the WaveNet Online Registration Guideor Visit the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central if you have questions.

3. How do I view degree requirements?
Log into your WaveNet account. Under the my Student tab, click on the blue box titled “my Degree Works”. The Degree Works box opens up and displays information about needed classes, GPA, academic adviser, and more! Use the planner tab inside Degree Works to access your course academic plan, which was built by you and your advisor.

4. How do I take Continuing Education classes?

Where do I go to request an official copy of my transcript?
Learn more about transcripts or call the registrar at 843-349-5244

How do I set up a payment plan?

  • Students may enroll in a payment plan by taking the following steps after logging into their HGTC WaveNet account:
  • After logging into WaveNet, click the my Student tab at the top of the page.
  • Under the Payment Plan channel on the right side of the page, click on the green link entitled "my Payment Plans".
  • The Student Account Center will be loaded and open in a new window. Select the Payment Plans tab at the top of the page.
  • Select "Sign Up for a New Payment Plan."
  • From this point, you will be given a payment plan option with information.
  • View step-by step instructions for accessing Payment Plans
  • Read more about Payment Plans

1. How do I register for the Accuplacer test?
As a part of the steps to admission to HGTC, every student must complete The Start Right Experience prior to registering for and taking the Placement Test.  Attend this online session here:

Then, visit to schedule the Accuplacer Placement Test. A photo I.D. and confirmation email will be required for entrance to the exam.

2. What do I need to take the Accuplacer test?
A picture ID, $30 fee if you are not a HGTC student, and a copy of the receipt that was sent to your email. Visit WaveNet Central's Accuplacer Prep Guide, to access and review helpful resources that will prepare for the Placement Test.

3. Where is the testing center?
Visit for locations.

1. What is Student Information Center: WaveNet Central?
The Student Information Center: WaveNet Central is a single location that new and prospective students can go to for assistance with questions regarding Horry-Georgetown Technical College, the Admissions process, Financial Aid, technology questions, and much more. A Student Information Center: WaveNet Central is available at all three campuses.

2. What are the hours of The Student Information Center: WaveNet Central?

3. What sessions are being held in the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central today?

4. Where can I find help with completing my FAFSA?
The Student Information Center: WaveNet Central staff will be happy to assist you with filling out your FAFSA application online. Be sure to bring your tax documents for the appropriate year we can better assist you.

5. What additional technologies are available in WaveNet Central?
We currently have a scanner, camcorder and digital camera available to students. Students are able to check these resources out, as well as, receive assistance with using the equipment. 
We welcome students to use the technologies that we have available in the center. We ask that you bring a form of ID to check out any equipment.  

6. I'm looking to transfer to a four year college, where can I get more information about colleges?
Located in the Conway campus Student Information Center: WaveNet Central, we have a College Corner filled with information pertaining to 4 year colleges. We have applications and information about many schools including Coastal Carolina, Clemson, USC, Lander University, and more! If we do not have information on the college of your choice we will be happy to look it up for you.

7. What is the Placement Skills Program?
The Placement Skills Program is a program designed to help new and current students who want to either improve their Placement Test scores or gain extra practice before taking the test. It is offered free-of- charge.  On the Conway campus, students have access to our experienced Math and English instructors in the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central.  After visiting the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central to get started, you can schedule tutoring sessions with SSTC Academic Coaches at all three campuses to begin to improve your skills.

8. What can WaveNet Central Specialists do to help me?
WaveNet Specialists can assist you with a variety of services, including D2L/Wavenet navigation support, general technology training and assistance for computers and programs, assistance with adding/dropping classes, assisting with setting up payment plans, and checking Financial Aid status online. We also assist students with utilizing PrepSTEP, by Learning Express, for independent personal, academic and technology skill advancement as well as ACCUPLACER placement test preparation. 

9. What can I print in WaveNet Central?
Acceptable printing for WaveNet Central includes documents relating to Admissions, Financial Aid, FAFSA, and Registration Paperwork, as well as Degree Works, Student Advisor Plans, and Student Schedules. Class work, class syllabi, and non-college/personal materials are not allowed.

1. What is The Student Success and Tutoring Center?
The Student Success and Tutoring Center offers free in-person and online academic tutoring/assistance, college skills coaching, a Math Center, and Writing Center assistance. We also have space to be used for studying and materials, such as science models, to study on campus. Visit WaveNet to schedule your appointments using TutorTrac located in the Student Services tab.

2. How many appointments can I schedule at one time?
Students may schedule two appointments per academic coach, per campus, per subject. Students may also schedule appointments as much as three weeks in advance. However, students will not be allowed to schedule an appointment with the same academic coach two hours consecutively. You must call to cancel your appointment if you cannot make it on time.

3. How do I cancel my appointment?
You may cancel and reschedule your appointment through Tutortrac via WaveNet up to 5 hours before your scheduled appointment time. After that point, students are strongly encouraged to call the SSTC as soon as possible to let us know that you will not be able to make your appointment. Missed appointments without notice will not be tolerated.

4. Am I required to remain in the coaching session for the entire hour? 
The length of a coaching session is typically an hour, however, the length can be flexible depending on your needs and questions regarding a particular assignment. We ask that you speak with SSTC staff if you need a shorter session or to request accommodations for longer, more frequent sessions.

5. Can I obtain 24/7 online academic assistance?
Yes! Visit our website or your Student Services tab in WaveNet to access all of our online resources, such as Brainfuse for 24/7 online academic assistance and the SSTC Online Resource Center for 24/7 online academic support resources. You may also contact your Campus SSTC if you would like to take advantage of our Campus2Campus virtual assistance.  Campus2Campus appointments allow you to connect with an HGTC Coach on any campus from your home or another campus location virtually. Using our contact information on our website, contact your Campus Coordinator for more information.